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Transport Medicine. Redefined.
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Transport Medicine. Redefined

Garnet, a Vermont-based company, provides high-quality clinical care and transport services to patients in need. Believing that medicine is the founding principal of Emergency Medical Services, Garnet focuses on transport medicine rather than medical transport. We believe that no matter how a patient gets from one point to another, the medical care they receive during that transition is of the highest importance. That is why at Garnet, we believe in building a patient-centered organization with an emphasis on high-quality care, a commitment to safety, and the well-being of everyone we serve.

Garnet is committed to excellence in all areas of our business and dedicated to providing patient, families, staff, and community partners with the tools and resources to meet the challenging demands of healthcare. To that end, our commitment to our patients and communities we serve is to redefine medical transport as a comprehensive and fully integrated component of the healthcare delivery system.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about our business and how we can work with you to provide high quality patient centered care. We mean it when we say: Transport medicine. Redefined

We’re always looking for exceptional people to join our team and help us become Vermont’s most innovative transport medicine organization.  For job opportunities, please visit our Careers page.



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